Food & Beverage Promise

A healthy lifestyle for kids can seem complex and difficult to achieve. Food and nutrition plays an important role, but equally, so does physical activity. And good habits should start young.

Everything from LazyTown will positively engage kids and families in choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Six simple LazyTown Food & Beverage rules make up our promise: 

  1. Food types that kids love to eat
  2. Variety of food groups & occasions
  3. Appropriate portions
  4. Controlled fats, salt, sugars and preservatives
  5. No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors
  6. Fortified only when appropriate

The following information regarding specific ingredients not already addressed in the LazyTown Food and Beverage Promise is subject to change, depending upon the evidence base. At present, the ingredients and additives we ask manufacturers to replace with suitable/natural alternatives or to remove altogether include: 


LazyTown asks manufacturers to ensure that products have no trans-fats from added ingredients (it is understood that a small amount of trans-fats may be naturally occurring [ie in dairy/beef products]).

Flavor enhancer

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Although there is still outstanding work to be done regarding the scientific research into HFCS, LazyTown's findings have shown a strong consumer desire to avoid products that contain HFCS. We will not accept any products that contain HFCS in the formula.

Food types that kids love to eat

If kids don't like it, they won't eat it. All the good nutrition in the world won't help if kids don't consume it. It takes between 8 - 13 positive exposures of new foods for kids to say "I like it!"  LazyTown, through fun and excitement, has the formula to address kids' innate neophobia (fear of new foods).

Food types that kids love to eat - again and again!

Variety of food groups & occasions

Nutritionists don't always agree on the details, but they all agree that eating a variety of foods is very important. Good nutrition starts with the principle of food from various food groups. LazyTown foods and beverages have been developed starting from the various food groups, and to suit all eating occasions.

A wide variety of foods from all food groups, for all occasions!

Appropriate portions

Average portion sizes have substantially increased in recent years, thus increasing the number of calories kids consume each day. This has been a major factor in the increase in kids' obesity. Because calories are a measure of the amount of energy, they are an important way to measure portion size.  LazyTown always has appropriate calories in all food and beverage products by ensuring the portion size and amount of calories are wholesome for kids.

Appropriate portions for kids!  We count the calories, so kids and parents don't have to worry.

Controlled fats, salt, sugars and preservatives

Fat, salt and sugar aren't bad - in fact, kids need each in their diet, and healthy foods contain these naturally. In the wrong proportion, even if naturally occurring, they can become the "baddies" and need to be balanced in order for kids to have healthy, long lives. LazyTown always has healthy proportions of fats, salts and sugars in the context of the occasion to ensure that kids get the nutrients they need, but not too much. We know that the ideal is to avoid adding fats, salts, sugars and preservatives, but sometimes it is necessary to make safe products that kids will eat (in the same way we sometimes need to spread butter on bread; add a touch of salt to enhance the taste of vegetables; sprinkle sugar or honey on breakfast cereal; or use sugar when making home-made jams, jellies or preserves).

And the types of fats, salts, sugars and preservatives are also important.  For example, we will never accept added trans-fats (trans-fatty acids) or MSG (monosodium glutamate), and demand natural sources of sugars, with a preference for those that are less refined.

The right proportions - and the right types - of fats, salts, sugars and preservatives!

No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors

Though not strictly related to the kids' obesity issue, across the world we know that parents prefer their kids' foods and beverages to be free from artificial sweeteners, flavours and colours. They look for products that make this claim, and would prefer not to compromise. LazyTown works hard to ensure that all food and beverage products are closer to parents' ideal, so they don't have to compromise to get kids to enjoy their food.

"No artificial" is parents' ideal. We work to help them achieve it.

Fortified only when appropriate

Fortification can be a contentious issue in many countries. Yet, fortification is often required to make sure we have well-nourished kids. LazyTown food and beverage products are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We ask ourselves, "Is it good for kids, in this instance, to fortify?"

Fortified with vitamins and minerals, but only when appropriate.