Stingy is a a bossy collector of stuff who impatiently dreams of becoming king of the world.

Young and eager, Stingy loves to play with the group of LazyTown kids (imagining that he is the king and they are his subjects). He can't help but feel jealous whenever someone brings something new to play with, something that Stingy doesn’t have.

Stingy thinks that possessions "make the man" and his avid collecting mean that he usually has just the thing that Sportacus and the kids need to save the day. If only he would share it with them, that is. It’s more likely that Stingy will sing his favorite song instead: “It’s mine, mine mine mine mine mine!”

Stingy admires Trixie’s carefree attitude, but he is jealous of her leadership ability. He is envious of Pixel’s computers and gadgets, can’t comprehend Ziggy’s generosity and although he really likes Stephanie, he is puzzled by her lack of concern for material things. What is a king to do?