Every hero needs a good villain, and Sportacus has a doozy in Robbie Rotten.

Robbie Rotten can’t believe that Sportacus is considered cool by the LazyTown kids. Especially since Robbie Rotten thinks that Sportacus is a horrible example of what it takes to be a LazyTowner.

Robbie misses the good old lazy days. Before Sportacus and Stephanie came along and ruined everything.

The only thing that can tear Robbie away from eating snacks and watching TV in his underground lair is a new and amazing scheme to send LazyTown's SuperHero, Sportacus, out of town - forever!

Robbie Rotten's most passionate desire is to burst Sportacus’s balloon. This keeps him busy most of the time, and you will never meet a more hard-working lazy person than Robbie.

A master of disguises, Robbie Rotten is constantly luring our hero into another wicked trap, designed to make Sportacus the laughingstock of LazyTown. Somehow Robbie's “brilliant” plans always fail, leaving him stuck in his own trap. Sometimes there's a little bit of Robbie in all of us!