Mayor Meanswell has been the Mayor of LazyTown since anyone can remember.

He didn’t run for the office of Mayor, like a normal politician would. He simply took the job because nobody else wanted to be Mayor.

Mayor Meanswell loves everything about LazyTown. He loves that it is the most active place on Earth, despite its name. He loves that the town has its very own SuperHero, Sportacus, who is the sworn enemy of laziness. He also loves that the hero has a nemesis in Robbie Rotten.

But first and foremost, he loves the kids of LazyTown and will do anything for them.

The Mayor of LazyTown often doubles as the town librarian, postmaster, banker, shopkeeper or anywhere else where he is needed. Frantically overwhelmed by his various duties, Mayor Meanswell figures if HE does not do it, who else in LazyTown will?

Mayor Meanswell has a “secret” passion for Bessie Busybody, but his efforts to approach her are always futile and most often have semi-disastrous results. The Mayor can make mistakes but the kids in LazyTown look up to and respect him in a kindly, “Uncle” kind of way.