New LazyTown Drinks From Gerber!

With fruity flavors and featuring Sportacus, Stephanie and Robbie Rotten, Gerber‘s new range of LazyTown juices are a fun, nutritious and refreshing way to provide kids with one of their 5 a day. Free from artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and preservatives, and packaged in convenient sizes for little hands, each carton provides the equivalent of one portion of fruit.

Fit Fruits juices contain 75 % juice, which means that each 200 ml serving is lower in sugar than pure juice, but still 100% natural and tasty for kids. Fit Fruits comes in three great flavors – apple and blackcurrant, lemon and lime, and orange and peach. Why not try all three?

  • To buy Apple and Blackcurrant Fit Fruits, click here.
  • To buy Lemon and Lime Fit Fruits, click here.
  • To buy Orange and Peach Fit Fruits, click here.