Stephanie is a sweet, optimistic girl who lives with her uncle, the Mayor of LazyTown.

Stephanie loves LazyTown because it is both weird and fun. She is an aspiring dancer and appreciates the fantastic moves that LazyTown's SuperHero Sportacus performs.

You don’t need to ask Stephanie what her favorite color is because she only wears pink. Even her hair is pink. Since Stephanie was not raised in LazyTown, she does not struggle with basic health issues like the other kids. Instead, she is trying to figure out how to stay true to what feels right for her.

Stephanie is positive, curious, affable, and able to learn from her mistakes. She sees life as a grand adventure. An adventure in which she can try new things, make new friends, and sometimes hang out with a SuperHero like Sportacus.

Stephanie's motto is “There is always a way!”.